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We're happy to announce that the jsonrates API has been integrated into the currencylayer API.
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Important: This documentation has been deprecated and is no longer valid. For detailed reference about API integration, usage guides and language examples please visit: currencylayer.com/documentation


The jsonrates API consists of sereval REST endpoints to interact with. All responses are formatted as JSON. You need an API key to request the endpoints. Get your API key and start fetching exchange rates.

The jsonrates API is based at http://jsonrates.com/{endpoint}/

All requests expect an API key with the GET parameter apiKey.

Quick Example

To request the exchange rate from USD to EUR, just make the following call:

And you will get the following result:
  "utctime": "2014-06-26T15:00:03+02:00",
  "from": "USD",
  "to": "EUR",
  "rate": "0.73514500"


Currently there are no limitations for requesting the API, but it's best practise to cache the results. You need an API key.