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We're happy to announce that the jsonrates API has been integrated into the currencylayer API.
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We offer a reliable, fast and free JSON API for

exchange rates and currency conversion

$data = file_get_contents('http://jsonrates.com/get/?from=USD&to=EUR');
$json = json_decode($data);
$rate = (float) $json->rate;

Exchange Rates

Receive real-time and reliable exchange rates for 168 currencies. Get all exchange rates for a base currency or directly a specific rate for two currencies. With a simple and fast JSON API.

Currency Conversion

Convert amounts between every supported currency. Also every direction and inverted conversions are supported. Get the exact floating-point value of the calculated amount.

Historical Data

Historical exchange rates from 2002 are provided. Retrieve all data for a base currency or a specific rate. Select either a date range or a single day. Even historical Bitcoin rates from 2010 are offered.

Locale Transformation

Get exchange rates directly to your locale like en_US. The appropriate currency will be detected automatically. So you can just pass the locale from your app and jsonrates makes the rest.


Check out the tested and ready to use PHP client from GitHub. Install it via Composer or download it manually. Easy.


You are using JavaScript? Great, here is our .js client at GitHub. Tested with QUnit and very easy peasy to use.

Demo app

You would like to see an example app using the fast API? Here is our small currency converter site.
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