jsonrates + currencylayer

We're happy to announce that the jsonrates API has been integrated into the currencylayer API.
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jsonrates + currencylayer

After weeks of negotiations and meetings we can finally call it official - apilayer Ltd. has agreed to acquire the jsonrates API and merge it with their existing product - the currencylayer API.

This enables us to offer you an even more powerful - and still, free - currency conversion API packed with a full stack of new features, more reliable data sources and a significantly more consistent service and user interface.

See for yourself:

jsonratesjsonrates + currencylayer
Free Subscription
Premium Subscriptions-
Data Sources-Banks, Commercial Sources
Data Updates5 minutes60 minutes, 10 minutes or
60 seconds
Historical Ratesfrom 2010from 1999
Development Queries-
UNIX Timestamp-
Encryption-256-bit HTTPS
Quotes deliveredas single currenciesas currency pairs
Extensive Documentation-
Error Code System-
Extensive Usage Stats-
Full Account Management-

14-day Deprecation

As of now, the previous jsonrates API shall be deprecated but will still be available for use until June 30th 11:59:59 PM London time.

In order to avoid any service disruptions and keep your applications running, we highly recommend signing up for a new & free API Key as soon as possible and adjusting your back-end code to fit the currencylayer API query & response structure.

Please also note that any API documentation and usage guides on this website are no longer valid and do not work with the new currencylayer API.

For detailed information and reference about API integration, up-to-date usage guides and language examples please visit: currencylayer.com/documentation.

We hope to welcome you as a free currencylayer customer soon!